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Suchs’ Siding then and now



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1901 Topographical map showing Suchs siding.


Suchs siding was the Raritan River Railroad’s first connection and interchange point with the Pennsylvania Railroad when the line was built in 1888.


Sometime after 1901, a new connection with the PRR was built near the Bergin Hill Bridge.




Aerial map from 1930 showing the same location as above. 

Note the actual location of Suchs’ interchange with the PRR was after Ernston Rd, not before it as the Topo map above shows.



The same exact location from an aerial photo dated 2002.  Not a trace of Suchs’ interchange with the PRR can be found.




Here is a close up of Suchs’ interchange with the PRR from 1930.

Look hard, some say there was a small PRR station here near the Ernston Rd. crossing.




Same location as above, dated 2002.







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