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Raritan River Railroad


North Brunswick, New Jersey


End-of-the-Line cut back to Route 1 bridge







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As expected, the end of the line has been cut back to just before the US Route 1 bridge in North Brunswick as of April 2007



Previously, when the wye in New Brunswick was abandoned and sold in the 1980s, the line had been cut back at the New Brunswick border right in front of the old National Musical String Co. Factory on Georges Road.




Squibb was the last customer on this part of the line, and I believe they stopped receiving tanker cars in the 1990s.





From the US Route 1 Bridge looking north, tracks have recently been removed.





From the US Route 1 Bridge looking southwest towards Silverline Windows, the last customer on the Western end.

Note the official End-of-Rail marker!




The end of the line of the former Raritan River Railroad now terminates at the US Route 1 Bridge in North Brunswick.




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