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RRRR Sw900 #3 with caboose #5 and NYC

boxcar at the South Amboy shops in October 1962.

From the collection of George H. Landau

July, 31 1937

RRRR Passenger Coach #27 at the New Brunswick Passenger Station

Note the little “New Brunswick” sign above the station

In later years this would be the Freight Station

The passenger train would stop running only 9 months later.


Courtesy of Bill Burke

Very rare color shot of Raritan River Locomotive #20

crossing the “black” South River Manual Swing Bridge in 1953.

Another rare shot from Bill Burke shows RRRR #20 crossing into the South River yard

Courtesy of Bill Burke, who also just happened to work with Fred when he

was publishing the only known book on the RRRR, Rails up the Raritan

This is a great shot of the Parlin Station in 1917 showing five passenger cars.

I have yet to find another photograph with so many passenger cars all in one shot.

1917 was the busiest time on the RRRR with 22 daily trains. 

By 1930 they were down to 10 trains a day, and in 1937 there was just two

Passenger service was officially discontinued on April 16, 1938.








Box Car 100

Large!  2400x1500

Here is a great shot of Box Car 100 scanned in at 400dpi.


For the complete history and current location of this rare box car, click HERE.






Caboose #8 on inspection trip - 1973

Caboose #8 was originally damaged and repaired, but instead of adding a coupler onto the back, they added an observation deck!

Here is a great photo from an inspection trip

On deck is Ray Stockton, unknown inspector, Robert Kipp, Charlie Miller and John Toth on the ground.

This caboose also still exists!  See related story on how I found RRRR Caboose #8!



Another shot of Caboose #8 on the Inspection Train - 1973






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