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The Raritan River Chapter will be dedicated to preserving and documenting the rich history of the Raritan River Railroad which ran from South Amboy to New Brunswick from 1888 to 1980.


As a local chapter of the NRHS, the Raritan River Chapter will be dedicated to promoting and supporting all the railroads of New Jersey, both past and present.  Located close to Browns Yard on the CSAO, the club supports interests of all local railroads and fans.  The club hopes to specialize in preserving its existing collection of RRRR memorabilia, as well as procuring and restoring as many other RRRR artifacts as we can.


The first goal is to help move and preserve the famous Milltown Freight Station!


Today there are 2 cabooses, 1 box car, and 1 station left from the RRRR.  Join us in our efforts to preserve these and many other great artifacts.  As it is now, the club hopes to be located in Milltown, NJ, 


Please contact Tom at Tom_E_Reynolds@Yahoo.com for more details on how you can help preserve the Raritan River Railroad for generations to come!



Visit www.RaritanRiver-RR.com for more information







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    • If you have a Raritan River Railroad story to tell, or just want chat about the old Ricky, send me an e-mail.  I would love to hear from you and post your stories.


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