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Jernee Mill Rd





A single boxcar at the loading dock

There are 2 brown box cars to the left of this car, not in picture



Sa-02 crosses Jurnee Mill Rd heading for the switch at ????

(Note: We tried to get some pictures of the SR Swing Bridge, but way there we heard the whistle blow as the train was crossing Jurnee Mill Rd, so we had to run back to the switch)




Sa-02 pulls the box cars out, then adds a few more





Looking through the covered hoppers, I could see the boxcars getting parked.






Time to hook up and head west!


(There were two brown boxcars and one blue one on the property. The blue one was up against the loading dock in the back.

SA-02 took only one brown and one blue, put one brown boxcar back, and left two more brown ones.)




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