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Leaving Browns Yard


So we head back to Browns Yard, pull into the parking lot at 10:15 looking for someone to talk to.  I wanted to try to get some info about SA-02 when all of a sudden we hear an engine start up, and start coming our way.


Hum….its small, has a few covered hoppers, 2 boxcars, and its heading to the Bordentown Rd Crossing!  It’s the SA-02….and it’s early at 10:20!  Someone eventually did come out, and I did ask them if they were going to Silverline today, and he said yes.  I would have loved to talk more, but I had pictures to take!  I should have asked him where the other cars were going…






Conrail SA-02 leaves Browns Yard.  The engineer waved at me, so I pointed to the Bordentown Rd Crossing, and he pointed too!




Conrail SA-02 leaves Browns Yard heading towards Bordentown Rd Crossing.





Bordentown Rd Crossing

Yes, I stood in traffic and got some strange looks from the drivers as I took these pics!


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